Here is a sample of some of our previous meetings. 

2022 Member Meetings

March 2022 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: David Mantica: Practical Adaptive Leadership

Password: qW85KvxE


February 2022 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: Patrick Ashmun: PMIstandards+

Password: HwpMXZg3


January 2022 Member Meeting 

Speaker/Topic: Sarah Maxwell: PMI 4.0 Strategy

Password: wMJ533Er


2021 Member Meetings

October 2021 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: Kate Castiglione: Wicked Problem Solver : A Primer On Addressing Complex Challenges

Password: UigHpfJ2


August 2021 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: Matt: Focus With Roadmaps to Get Your Agile Transformation Out of the Ditch

Password: KxntHuY6


June 2021 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: Alan Zucker: Embracing Agile: Falling In Love with Agile

Password: mQp3ragK


January 2021 Member Meeting

Speaker/Topic: Dr. Alan Letton:  The Road from Entry Level Scientist/Engineer to the Board Room

Password: JkhbvsD7


2020 Member Meetings

2020 Annual Meeting

Speaker/Topic: John Maxwell: Christian Counselor and Life Coach

Password: mHAiTYr7