The West Virginia / Ohio Valley Chapter schedules program meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm, except during July, August and December (when no meetings are scheduled).   Chapter membership is NOT required to attend a Chapter program meeting; everyone interested in the practice and profession of Project Management is invited and welcome to attend.

Each meeting is announced a week or more in advance, and the announcement includes specific meeting location information (which may vary from month to month).  Due to the challenges of the geography of the Chapter's territory, most monthly meetings are currently Webex-hosted events.  We also host professional development days (for benefit of our certified members) and examination preparation classes (for everyone interested) at various locations around the state. Contact us if you are interested in serving as a local host for such an event!

Be sure to sign up for the Chapter's newsletter, no membership required, to receive notifications of all events that are open to the public.