A PMI Chapter is a local/regional affiliate chartered by the Project Management Institute, but organized as an independent entity under provisions of the appropriate tax code. Chapters can enter into contracts, collect and expend funds, offer goods and services for sale, and otherwise act as legal corporate entities.  Typically "not-for-profit" (as opposed to non-profit), Chapters provide a convenient gathering point for PMI members to assemble and share information and knowledge about various project management-related topics.

PMI Chapters charge annual membership fees, which are collected on their behalf by PMI.  PMI membership is required to be current in order for a prospect to join the Chapter, and the term of Chapter memberships run concurrently with PMI membership.  You may be a member of any number of Chapters or SIGs (Special Interest Groups).  SIG members organize around their shared special interest, rather than a common geographic area.

Prospective members of the West Virginia/Ohio Valley Chapter of PMI are referred here where you can find information about the various Chapters; select United States | West Virginia to see information about WV/OV Chapter.