Michael Brown
Immediate Past President
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Michael Brown is the director at S. Solutions & Co; a professional services company that specializes in project, operations and resource management in the healthcare, real estate and information technology industries. In 2018, Mr. Brown was appointed by the WVOVPMI Board of directors to a two year term serving as President-Elect and in 2020 was appointed President to serve an additional two year term from 2020-2021. In these varies roles; Mr. Brown has held major responsibilities in managing projects and operations that have drawn on his strong background in financial auditing and adjusting. These roles have required his expertise in creating collaborative work environments that assist organizations in executing enterprise critical projects and objectives. Mr Brown studied Business Administration with a focus on management and finance in the Lewis college of business at Marshall University, graduating in 2008. In 2019 Mr. Brown joined the WVANG; were he's been involved in J3 & G3 level operations/training.  At this time Mr Brown was also involved in joint multi-agency exercises; further expanding and sharping his core competencies.

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